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What is Copyright? How does it apply to you? The photographer holds Federal Copyright and ownership to every photo they take from the moment the image is captured in the camera.

When a customer hires a photographer for a session. The photographer is the legal binding owner of every single photo taken whether it is a private session or a horse show.

When a customer selects an image for purchase, they are purchasing the “rights” or “lease” of the photograph. It does not mean the customer “owns” the image.

If the photograph is used for business, there is a strict contract on the image that states the term of the “lease” – where and how it can be used. These images can cost more because they are used for a business where the animal will be marketed.

If the customer selects an image for “personal use”, there are still rules that apply to how it is to be used. These rules can vary with each photographer, and you as the customer should be aware of their rules before purchase to avoid any misuse or miscommunication or possible lawsuit. We would be happy to discuss this in further detail to anyone who is unclear on copyright. And would be happy to email a detailed statement on business. vs. personal usage.

Removing images from this site, Facebook, or anywhere else that Gail Kirkland Photography has posted images is Copyright Infringement and is ILLEGAL.

Unless you have purchased rights to use and post any image from Gail Kirkland Photography, it is considered as theft and appropriate action can be taken.

Respect copyright; don’t be a thief.